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Sauna with snoothing infusions

Using herbs from our own garden

Enjoy our therapeutic sauna infusions with fresh herbs from the garden of the Wellness Hotel Schönruh. Two houses – one soul. Our Haus Stefanie and the Wellness Hotel Schönruh belong together. That is why our guests are allowed to use many offers of the other hotel as well. Thus, anyone who visits the sauna at the Hotel Haus Stefanie, can look forward to an infusion with fresh herbs from the “neighbour’s garden”.

Start the evening with a fragrant infusion

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Then off to the sauna.

During your vacation in Seefeld, you can pursue numerous activities all year round. From skiing, cross-country skiing to snowshoeing in winter to mountain hiking, cycling, biking and more in summer. If you’ve been active and on your feet all day, nothing’s better at relieving sore muscles than a sauna session. As a guest at the Haus Stefanie, you can use the sauna of the Wellness Hotel Schönruh as well as the in-house sauna. So that you can give it everything again the next day!

Fresh herbs for your sauna infusion

Herbs from our garden:

  • rosemary
  • mint
  • sage
  • lemon balm

We pick fresh rosemary, mint, sage and lemon balm for your sauna infusion. Once prepared, soothing vapors spread throughout the sauna cabin, cleaning your pores and clearing your airways. It’s worth adding that each herb has its own specific effect. Melissa positively influences your basic mood. Rosemary is very similar in this regard, though it’s also refreshing and invigorating. Sage, on the other hand, promotes blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory, whereas mint clears the airways and loosens mucus. Of course, we will advise you on the individual herbs, if you like to know which one serves you best at the moment.

Essential oils in the sauna

The fresh and invigorating scent that infusions give off in the sauna, stems from the essential oils of herbs. Mint, lemon balm, sage or rosemary release them when evaporated. Sweating and the inhalation of the herb steam strengthens your immune system. The fact that they were freshly picked from our own garden, adds to the effect on your health. Once harvested, we let the herbs soak in water, after which you can use the infusion and lean back and relax.

You deserve your sauna session

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a relaxing vacation at the Haus Stefanie. Find the right room for your stay in Seefeld.
Leave everyday life behind and enjoy the spicy infusions in our sauna. Afterwards you can relax in our relaxation room or our idyllic garden. If you have been energized by our herbal infusion, you can also use our indoor pool and swim a bunch of laps.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Great holiday with beautiful surroundings

Frank | |

Cosy, typical hotel in a quiet location

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Very cosy hotel, rustic and quaint!

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Cheap living / very good food

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Great stay

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A quaint house with lots of cordiality

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A very successful holiday in Tyrol

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Great for gourmets

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Nice hotel in a good location

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