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Wellness for real fellows

Haus Stefanie offers wellness and grooming for real fellows

Wellness Bildergalerie

Well, technically Wellnesshotel Schönruh does. But if you booked your vacation at Haus Stefanie, you can take advantage of the spa and wellness offer of our partner hotel as well. Here men can take care of their tan and whole body, so they feel fresh and calm, make their skin glow again and just sit back and relax. Beauty treatments being for women only is a thing of the past. Men like Zac Efron, Christiano Ronaldo, Brad Pitt and of course David Beckham lead the way.

In addition to aftershave and shaving cream there are other face and body care products that are a must in every male bathroom. The range of products keeps growing – in 2011 Austrian men spent roughly 7.6 million Euro for face care and 9 out of 10 men stated that they care for their appearance for professional reasons.

Specific care products for men

Men should really pay attention and buy product specifically designed for men. Male skin is thicker than female skin and requires different kinds of lotions, soaps and peelings. After all, men spend half an hour a day in the bathroom, so time is of the essence and their care should be focused, practical easily applicable and effective right away.

The right kind of care for men

After washing the sensitive skin of the face needs lotion. In cases of impure skin steer clear of lotions containing fat and weekly peelings are recommended. Only in case of resistant impurities consult a cosmetic or dermatologist.
The rest of the body is less sensitive. In case of sensitive skin it is better to avoid products containing alcohol however. Alcohol can lead to irritations and can dry the skin out even further.
Last but not least: nail care. Groomed hands and nails have become more and more important amongst men. This is why you should use sand plate files instead of metal ones. If your nails tend to break easily, use oily lotions daily to make them more flexible.

Relaxing care for men at Wellnesshotel Schönruh

We would love to take care of your grooming routine during your holiday. Schönruh provides a line of special offers specifically designed for men – revitalising and refreshing.

  • Thalgo Care Vital
    Refreshing, soothing and revitalising and effective against stress immediately. Your skin is lifted and after only 90 minutes of relaxing care you will feel like a new person.
  • Thalgo Ocean Care
    It refreshes your tan and provides energy for your skin. You will feel stronger and fresher and in only 60 minutes this treatment rejuvenates you and makes you feel relaxes.

Relaxation at Haus Stefanie

and wellness treatments at Schönruh. Treat yourself to some relaxing well-deserved pampering. If you want to relax, go to the spa and in the sauna, do some sports and forget about your daily routine. We will provide pure relaxation. Best book right away!

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Great holiday with beautiful surroundings

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Cosy, typical hotel in a quiet location

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Very cosy hotel, rustic and quaint!

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Cheap living / very good food

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Great stay

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A quaint house with lots of cordiality

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A very successful holiday in Tyrol

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Great for gourmets

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Nice hotel in a good location

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Wellness Bildergalerie

Wellness for real fellows

News from 10.04.2019
Well, technically Wellnesshotel Schönruh does. But if you booked your vacation...
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